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Spring time special- Come out and wash your outside unit for the summer $59

Keep Your Cool When Your AC Blows

Bring in a team of experienced Longview, TX HVAC contractors

You spend all day out in the hot summer sun, only to unlock your front door and be met with a blast of hot air. If your air conditioner has suddenly conked out on you, immediately reach out to Heir A/C and Heat. Our team will quickly come to your rescue! We’ll carefully examine all of your HVAC system’s components and pinpoint the source of the problem. You’ll receive a repair or replacement solution that can be implemented in a timely manner and have cold air again in no time.

Whether you need a quick fix or emergency air conditioning services, you can count on Heir A/C and Heat to get your system back on track. Call 903-261-6464 for a free service estimate.

Comprehensive HVAC services in Longview, Texas

Heir A/C and Heat has provided quality HVAC solutions to local home and business owners for more than 12 years. Our heating, ventilation and cooling services include:

We are also currently offering a spring special—you can hire our team out to wash your exterior HVAC unit for just $59! Next time you’re in need of a fast, effective heating and cooling solution, reach out to the team at Heir A/C and Heat.

Improve your system’s efficiency with regular filter cleaning

Maintaining your HVAC system’s filters is essential to keeping your unit functioning properly. Longview, Texas’ Heir A/C and Heat offers seasonal filter services that are guaranteed to maintain the health of your system! Our team will come out twice a year to check your filters and make sure they are in good condition. If they require cleaning or need a part replaced, we’ll take care of the problem in a timely manner.

As part of our filter service, our HVAC contractors will also visit every month to change out your filters! Ensure your heating and cooling system is operating at peak efficiency by scheduling an appointment with Heir A/C and Heat.

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